Mnogohodovochka or stab in the back?: Why godfather Putin took the party ex-leader of “Right sector”*?

Многоходовочка или удар в спину?: Зачем кум Путина взял в партию экс-лидера «Правого сектора»*?

Promised to force the Donbass to love Ukraine, and in Russia to organize a revolution, a former nationalist, now a true socialist Ilya Kiva, goes to Parliament in the electoral list, “the Opposition platform” Viktor Medvedchuk. The latter is known for his Pro-Russian stance and longtime friendship with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

In Ukraine after the election of the President of a showman Vladimir Zelensky started this political chaos. The head of state announced the dissolution of the Verkhovna Rada appointed early elections to the Parliament. Due to the fact that electoral tone have begun to moderate in the views of the voters of the Southeast, many politicians began to set. Among those was a former member of the war in the Donbass, a close associate of interior Minister Arsen Avakov, a former nationalist Ilya Kiva. And former ex-leader of “Right sector”* (an Organization banned in Russia) has become recently.

Even some a couple of years ago, then-commander of one of the nationalist battalions fighting in the Donbass, promised that he and his entourage will force the region’s residents to love Ukraine. A little later, becoming Advisor to the Minister of internal Affairs, Ilya Kiva, said that Russia is preparing a coup and intends to take Moscow with his people.

By the way, about the time it became clear that police officer has mental illness, which he desperately concealed from the public. But this did not prevent him from becoming a Colonel of the police, high-ranking officials to lead the Socialist party of Ukraine. Yes, a notorious nationalist, former leader of the Poltava cell “Right sector”* radically changed their ideological preferences. Today fierce fighter with the Russian “aggressor,” Ilya Kiva goes on elections to Rada under banners of the Pro-Russian “Opposition platform”.

Interestingly, one of the leaders and, according to rumors, the main organizer of this political party is Viktor Medvedchuk. The godfather and long time friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin was able to unite before the next election cycle the opposition forces into a single “fist,” but now is doing seemingly illogical steps.

Political analyst Volodymyr Kornilov, commenting on the invitation “Natsik” Kiva team Medvedchuk, said that the move will hurt the rating of the “Pro-Russian” party in the elections in Ukraine.

“Mazhoritarke “opposition” [Dmitry] Yarosh (the head of “Right sector” – approx. ed.) and [Andrew] Biletsky (battalion “Azov” – approx. ed.) will move? Cho is really there to waste time on trifles! I think 2-3 per cent only on the Kiva party has already lost. It seems that the lesson from the block “Not so!” Kravchuk and the head of it (Medvedchuk) nobody taught anything..,” he writes on his page in Facebook.

So what is it really? A good “mnogohodovochka” or stabbed in the back Russia? Why godfather Putin took the party ex-leader of “Right sector”*? Options may be several.

First, as already mentioned, Ilya Kiva is a loyal ally of interior Minister Arsen Avakov. Latest with Zelensky almost the only Minister who retains his post. In recent years it has become one of the most influential people in Ukraine. Perhaps in this way a “Pro” Medvedchuk is trying to get close with Avakov and go for the informal Alliance.

Secondly, after a certain radicalization of the Ukrainian society of such people as Ilya Kiva can be considered Medvedchuk as a “bridge” to understanding between the two rival camps in Ukraine. Earlier one of leaders of “the Opposition platform” Vadim Rabinovich has actively supported the “political prisoner of the Kremlin” Mykola Karpiuk, who was convicted in Russia for helping militants in Chechnya. On the eve of the politician also offered him a place in the list of party. About the viability of such methods of “stitching” of Ukraine can be judged for a long time, but the Pro-Russian voters of the party of Medvedchuk, it is unlikely to appeal.

And finally, the third option is money. It is no secret that the elections to the Parliament “passing” parties often sell spots on the list. This was stated by the experts, and the deputies themselves. Perhaps the godfather of Putin and his associates decided to just earn his high ranking, the voter confidence and not have to deal with, who will join the party in the Parliament. Such a move can truly be called a “stab in the back” not just hoping for change for the better residents of the South-East, but also Russia, where, as you know, are also waiting for coming to power in Kiev, adequate, thoughtful people.

* – The organization was prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation decision of the Supreme court.

Многоходовочка или удар в спину?: Зачем кум Путина взял в партию экс-лидера «Правого сектора»*?

Многоходовочка или удар в спину?: Зачем кум Путина взял в партию экс-лидера «Правого сектора»*?

Многоходовочка или удар в спину?: Зачем кум Путина взял в партию экс-лидера «Правого сектора»*?