Mobile operators do not be deceived Ukrainians: Parliament is preparing a law

Мобильные операторы больше не обманут украинцев: Рада готовит закон

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, in a short time, have to take the act, which prescribes new rules by which mobile operators will not be able to withdraw funds from users ‘ accounts without their consent.

Increasingly, everywhere I hear complaints from mobile phone users. They are debiting their accounts for content services that they, in turn, did not ask for and which is not even used. Begin dismantling and calls to operators, discontent is growing with each passing day.

If the law is approved, then everything will become much easier. When ordering Telecom or content services, the subscriber will have to signify his / her consent or refusal. For this, the controller will send a one-time password as a message on the phone or on email subscriber to confirm or, on the contrary the rejection of the proposal. Due to this innovation, operators will not be able to impose their services, as the client needs to order them yourself. In addition to this, there will be a ban on the inclusion in tariff plans allow access to content resources.