Mobile phones can harm your health

Мобильные телефоны могут навредить здоровью

Mobile phones have harmful effects on the body, according to

Modern life hard to imagine without a mobile phone. With it, we communicate with friends and family, learn new information, pay bills, listen to music and much more. This gadget greatly facilitates us life. But do not forget about the harmful effects of the smartphone on the body. What danger is there?


Scientists have found that some cell phones contain Nickel and cobalt – chemical metals, which can cause the symptoms of allergic dermatitis with skin contact. So that is at least sometimes to release the phone from his hands.

People who bezvylazno sit in the mobile phone threatens serious disease. Researchers believe that radiation that is radiated by the gadget is capable to provoke a cancer. Therefore, the use of phones is less and moreover, do not leave it on overnight under my pillow.

Inflammation of the tendons and joints

The constant use of mobile can lead to inflammatory processes in the joints and tendons of the fingers, wrists and elbows.


Uncontrolled use of smartphone can lead to depression. Such conclusions were made by scientists after the results of the study. They found that the gadgets have a negative influence on the psychological state of people.


Do not use the phone before bed, otherwise it will be to torment insomnia. Blue light that emanates from the screen inhibits the production of melatonin, so sleep becomes fitful: and restless. Smartphones disrupt the biological clock.

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