Mobile pioneers: the first call, historic, SMS and the most influential phone of the business class

Мобильные пионеры: первый звонок, историческая SMS и самый влиятельный телефон бизнес-класса

Now we can not imagine life without a mobile phone, but this invention is quite young. And yet between the first mobile and modern mobile – a huge difference.

Techno 24 continues to tell you interesting facts from the history of mobile communication.

The first call

The world’s first call from a mobile phone took place on April 3 1973, this date went down in history as the birthday of cellphones. Of course, the calls were before – but test. And, so to speak, officially certified – it 3.04.1973: this is a Motorola employee Martin Cooper made a call from the apparatus DynaTАС 8000Х his rival from AT & T to Joel Engel.

I should add that the tube DynaTАС 8000Х had a length of 22 centimeters and a weight of 900 grams. The phone consisted of 30 cards, charge lasted up 10 hours and needed only 30 minutes of conversation.

Cell phone

The term “cell phone” (cell phone) appeared in 1977. The name comes from the word “cell” (cell) – they shared coverage areas of communication, serviced by base stations. Although the principle of cellular system has been known to scientists and inventors at the beginning of last century and have been successfully used in a variety of communications.

So, in 1921 the police of Detroit for the first time the U.S. used a mobile radio to transmit information from the controller to the receivers on the cars.

Mobile on sale

The first serial mobile phone for sale – improved Dynatac 8000x – appeared in the United States and first came to the counter 13 Jun 1983. However, the price was rather big even for the wealthiest Americans – about 4 thousand dollars. However, within a year, the device purchased about 300 million Americans. The phone weighed 800 grams. (For comparison: the average weight of a modern mobile phone is only 250 grams).

Мобильные пионеры: первый звонок, историческая SMS и самый влиятельный телефон бизнес-класса

Evolution of mobile phones

Voice mail

The “Voicemail” was first presented to users of mobile phones in 1986. It immediately began to actively use in the business to have ongoing contact with customers or partners, even after hours.


First phone the type of “clamshell” in 1989 Motorola introduced the MicroTAC model unfolded had only 22 centimeters in length and weighing only 350 grams.

The first SMS

The first SMS message flew into eternity in 1992. Author Neil Papworth wrote: “merry Christmas”.

Mobile Internet

Access Internet mobile phone users received in 1996.

Phone with color screen

First color phone was born in 1996. The engineers of the German company Siemens was able to “light” on the screen S10 three colors: red, green, and blue. As the first full-fledged phone with color display appeared in 2002.

Sony Ericsson Т68і was at that time a real miracle of technology – in addition to the ability to issue on the screen in 256 colors the changes are synchronized with the personal computer, could transfer to MMS, had Bluetooth and Internet access via WAP.

Мобильные пионеры: первый звонок, историческая SMS и самый влиятельный телефон бизнес-класса

Phone Siemens S10

The first slider

The first phone in the form of a “slider” appeared in 1997. A new trend began Sony CMD-X1000 and Nokia 8110. The last model was very popular because it used the characters of the movie “the Matrix”. By the way, some sources indicate that the pioneer among the sliders was the Siemens SL10, but the phone began to produce in 1999.

Mobile with camera

The first camera phone was released in Japan in 2000. Sharp J-SH04 had a camera with funny by today’s resolution – only 0.11 MP. But at the time it was revolutionary technology. Moreover, the captured image can immediately send to phone email.

Phone business class

The first phone of the business class Nokia was released in 2002. The device had a screen width of about 7 cm, Internet access and the ability to exchange messages AIM.

After a year on sale now legendary BlackBerry 6210, which recently Time magazine included in a list of 50 most influential devices in the history of mankind. This model had a convenient additional services for viewing emails and web pages.

Мобильные пионеры: первый звонок, историческая SMS и самый влиятельный телефон бизнес-класса

First mobile with camera

Wireless charging

The revolutionary feature is “wireless charging” was announced in 2009. For the championship competed several companies, but won the American Palm 6 Jun introduced their miracle-Communicator Palm Pre Castle.

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