Model-transgender and plus-size starred in a sexy is Victoria’s Secret: photo 18+

Модель-трансгендер и plus-size снялись в сексуальной рекламе Victoria's Secret: фото 18+

One of the most famous lingerie brands Victoria’s Secret stunned the world changes. Among the “angels” for the first time joined the model is transgender May Simon Lifshitz and plus-size model Ali Tate Cutler. Both girls have starred in a new ad for the brand, stunned the network of sexual images.

Why have Victoria’s Secret changed the rules in respect of “angels”

The scandal, which erupted in late 2018, has made the Victoria’s Secret make adjustments in the policy of the brand. Then in an interview with marketing Director ed Razek said the brand has partnered with TRANS-models and plus-size, because they are contrary to the criteria for the selection of “angels”. Not slender beauties as he was convinced the man would lead to the destruction of the image created over many years. This statement has led many people to join the protests, but Victoria’s Secret went through tough times.

And in less than a year, as the representatives of the brand began to actively break down stereotypes against the “angels.” In Victoria’s Secret invited model with vitiligo Winnie Harlow, plus-size star Ali Tate Cutler and TRANS-models May Simon Lifshitz and Valentina Sampaio.

It looks like the new ads Victoria’s Secret

As you know, the girls have already participated in several seductive shots, and recently the network won the new advertisement with the angels. So, 24-year-old model from Denmark May Simon Lifshitz tried on sexy lace sets. The transgender model was first headed by an advertising campaign that doesn’t deter happiness.

Serve our features as strengths. Grateful that was part of the advertising campaign, which is characterized by diversity, the brand has attracted not simple models. Regardless of what our personal struggle is with your body, your mind or the whole world – we just kept to ourselves. Let it binds us together so we can truly inspire each other
– commented on the shooting May Simon Lifshitz.

Do not hold back emotions and buxom model Ali Tate Cutler. The girl on 8 October joined the “angels” Victoria’s Secret, admitted that always had a complex because of their shape. However, after this new collection, created in collaboration with the brand Bluebella, Ali tail Cutler realized his success and urged all fans to overcome the complex.

I never liked my curvy body when I was younger, and didn’t want people looking at me cause I was fat… I reconsidered when I started to pursue a modeling career and saw the beauties that had great shape. Then I realized that I can be beautiful at any size. Look at us and change their opinion about themselves,
called Ali tail Cutler.

The network has already evaluated the new brand of underwear, and enthusiastically responded to the particular advertising of Victoria’s Secret. At the same time sexual images of the new “angels” became a kind of add-on stock #LoveYourselfCampaign, which continues in the UK.