Modern equipment for laboratories

Современное оборудование для лабораторий

Quality instruments for laboratory studies are always of value, but finding them is quite difficult. However, today you can quickly buy everything you need.

In the course of their excreta over the years polluting the environment. Moreover, it should be noted that it is wonderful. To date, the ecology of the planet is in poor condition. And such changes of nature very seriously affect the health of the parties and not for the better. It is a pity that we woke up for the preservation of nature rather late. But today this direction of teach very much in demand and is growing rapidly.

Today, worldwide there are a large number of laboratories that are studying the ecological state of the planet, as well as looking for causes of contamination. For quality and accurate working of such institutions requires the equipment to the appropriate level.

Laboratory equipment

Such equipment is used in laboratories to conduct researches, experiments and examinations. Such equipment may vary depending on the destination, however, there are versatile instruments used in most research centres. This equipment includes:

  • the gas analyzers;
  • drying vials;
  • crucible tongs;
  • tweezers;
  • magnifier
  • scalpels
  • rotameters
  • spatulas
  • timers
  • graduated cylinders
  • centrifuge
  • desiccators.

A special place among the laboratory glassware is a vessel that allows you to create optimal conditions to maintain the chemical reactants in a specific state – Exicator. He is a strong capacity 15-30 cm in diameter, made of polymeric materials. Inside porcelain liners, quartz crucible, buxy, Petri dishes and other containers. These vessels are used for:

  • slow drying at room temperature reagents;
  • create a vacuum;
  • gravimetry;
  • storage hygroscopic chemical compounds.

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Environmental analyzers

Environmental analyzers are an integral part of the equipment of laboratories of this type. And here to find suppliers of this technology is difficult, especially in fairly remote areas of the country.

Developed a universal environmental analyzer for the following tasks:

  • environmental monitoring;
  • automated operational definition of security of objects of environment;
  • monitoring of indicators of environmental quality;
  • the measurement and control of the concentration of toxic metals, organic toxins, impurities.

The analyzer allows to test several electrochemical analytical methods. The device is used for state and industrial environmental monitoring and product certification.