Modern graphics, outdated game design – details about the remake of Destroy All Humans!

Современная графика, устаревший гейм-дизайн - подробности о ремейке Destroy All Humans!

Before E3 2019 publisher THQ Nordic has announced a remake of an old action-adventure game Destroy All Humans!. On itself? th exhibition it was possible to try out an early version, as did an employee of IGN. We have written the most interesting of his thumbs.

The Forthcoming Destroy All Humans! – full remake: everything Studio Black Forest Games took from the original file is a VoiceOver and music. The developers call their creation is not just a remake, but a remake of what the game was remembered – in other words, the team tried to save DAH! from the little annoyances, the existence of which the old-timers may have forgotten.

However basically it is the same action with a third person, a story about an alien named Crypto. The green man has arrived on Earth to collect the DNA of people and save their race from extinction. For this purpose, the alien must destroy the stupid Homo sapiens.

As in the original, in the remake of Crypto will visit six locations, each of which is located in America. People can shoot personal weapons, and you can sit in the cockpit of a flying saucer and wreak death from above. In addition, the game has light elements of stealth – protagonist is able to pretend to be a man.

Each level in Destroy All Humans! is a small “sandbox” scattered mission. New – an additional task for the Zone 42 is assembled from unused files from the original.

The core gameplay, the authors added small improvements. Crypto has learned to do jumps and freely combined abilities – you can, for example, to tear the enemy from the earth with the help of psychokinesis and shot it, hanging in the air on jetpacks. Also in the remake there was a regime aiming to the targets, between which is allowed to switch with the right stick.

In addition, the new version of the main character got a shield. In the IGN article mentioned two functions. First, the shield tells which side of preselec takes damage. And secondly, hitting the water ceased to be lethal contact with the water gradually draining my energy shield, so the player has time to get to shore.

Despite the fact that the Black Forest is not to expose the hack, the journalist said about the game reserved, they say, for all the merits of a remake, Destroy All Humans! – this action almost 15 years ago, whose gameplay had never shone diversity. Whether a remake is to attract newcomers – the big question.

Destroy All Humans! will be released on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2020.

Современная графика, устаревший гейм-дизайн - подробности о ремейке Destroy All Humans!