Modern women think the main male as a kindness

Современные женщины считают главным мужским качеством доброту

The main quality that is valued by modern women in men, is kindness. To such conclusion scientists from University of Goettingen (Germany).

Researchers conducted a survey among 64 thousand women from 180 countries, about the project, the newspaper writes New York Post. A large proportion of survey participants were women aged 18 years the women aged 40 years. They were asked to answer what they believe the defining quality in a man, which is chosen as a partner for life together.

“90% of women called kindness is the main quality that they would like to see in their men,” stated the experts.

Next in the ranking of the most desirable women of masculinity included:

  • the ability to support,
  • sufficient intellect
  • a good education
  • confidence.

It is easy to see that the option visual appeal not included in the “top” five. But this does not mean that women completely indifferent, look like men. For example, for women still has value as a man is high. More than 90% of survey participants said that the dream of the man who would be above them growth.

Interestingly, the study showed that women are not attracted to men with obvious severe muscle and “pumped” in the gym figures. Only 2.5% of respondents said that they would like for muscular partners. 44,8% of survey participants said they prefer the “normal average” body type for men.

By the way, a considerable number of women (25%) noted that in men is important to them is the similarity of religious views.