Modest weekend: Ivanka trump charmed tender photo of his sons

Скромный уикенд: Иванка Трамп очаровала нежным фото своих сыновей

The daughter of the current head of the White house Ivanka trump skillfully combines a career with motherhood. At the first opportunity the politician spends time with her husband Jared Kushner and their three children. In the network there are new footage from the modest weekend millionaire and her descendants.

Counselor of head of the White house Ivanka trump on the official Instagram page mainly describes the political activity, reporting on the work done. So cute pics with the kids cause a storm of delight of her fans.

3 Aug star mom posted a photo of his sons: 5-year-old Joseph and 3-year-old Theodore James. In front of the camera boys appeared in summer shorts, white t-shirts and hats. In the picture, taken by Ivanka trump, it is clear that the family resting on some ranch, and Joseph carefully carries her younger brother in a special car.

Cruiser at the weekend, with humor politician wrote.

According to the photos Ivanka trump, grandchildren of the President of the United States bring in quite modest conditions. In particular, the room of Joseph Theodore and James has no special decor, and the room contains only beds and bedside tables.

Such simplicity millionaires adhere to and in celebration of the birthdays of children. In 2018 Ivanka trump and Jared Kushner threw 3-year-old Theodore a picnic in the yard of the White house, but on the 8th anniversary of Arabella rose couple gave the children white dog. According to Ivanka, it was the dream of her only daughter, therefore, to ignore the desire of offspring she could not.