Mogilev put a strange object in the mouth for a million: “the Main thing is not to dry”

Могилевская засунула странный предмет в рот ради миллиона: "Главное, чтоб не засох"

“My wings now no one to cut”.

Famous Ukrainian singer and producer Natalia Mogilevskaya often shares with fans the news of his life and work in Instagram. Recently, the celebrity decided to show off a landmark event of his life. In the frame it rides in a yellow dress with a lemon in hands.

The fact that the page of the singer gathered more than a million subscribers and she has decided to share his joy.

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“We are today a million and I want to thank You! Thank you for your love, for the years of support, for us with you interesting together for so many happy moments that are associated with you! In honor of this event I am ready for everything, well, almost” –shared Natalia.

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She further asked fans to write their dreams in the comments and she and her team fulfill the most creative of them.

In the video, Mogilevskaya dancing and singing the lemon song “Girl in a million”, and then under the cheerful music eats up a makeshift “microphone” on the camera.

“I passed all three the hero of Dancing with the stars, hero Factory stars, 10 times the hero of the program a Chance but… My wings now no one to trim. Actually, I was going to eat two lemons. Why do you think? The main thing is that by the time he dried up” jokes Natalia.

In the comments fans wrote the opinion in such an unusual way to celebrate a million subscribers:

“Good boy. Always on top”, “Honeycakes Natasha” “You are a wonderful person and a talented singer. love You!”, “I admire you”, “Funny videos”, “Great! You are super! Congratulations, And enormous eyes that eyes what beautiful, beautiful.”

Могилевская засунула странный предмет в рот ради миллиона: "Главное, чтоб не засох"