Moldova has requested the Ukraine information about the runaway policies

Молдова запросила у Украины информацию о сбежавших политиках

The new authorities searching for fugitive leaders of the two parties. Check possibility of their escape through Odessa.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Moldova Andrei Nastase has requested the Ukraine information about the possibility of escape through Odessa head of the former ruling Democratic party of Moldovan oligarch Vladimir Plahotniuc and the leader of the party shore Ilan Shor. About it on Tuesday, June 18, stated in Parliament, commenting on the investigation into the disappearance of these politicians after the change of power in the country, reports TASS.

“Plahotniuc and shore business partners, partners in policy partners in the usurpation of power. And they must answer for their acts. According to the interior Ministry, they have not left the territory of Moldova. Therefore, we ask the Ukrainian colleagues to report, have used these individual corridor through Transnistria, where our country does not have mechanisms to control the border,” said Nastase Parliament.

The Minister also did not rule out that plahotniuc and shore could go on “a special corridor in the airport of Chisinau”, which, according to him, was created by the former regime “for the bandits.” “But we will talk later when we get better cooperation with the Prosecutor’s office,” said Nastase.

On Tuesday, the interior Minister of Moldova sent a request to the Prosecutor General with a demand to revoke the parliamentary immunity of Plahotniuc in connection with the charges against him in the usurpation of power.

That plahotniuc and shore escaped through Odessa, said Monday its President Igor Dodon.

“While everyone was watching Friday night for departing from Chisinau airport and private jets, nor shore, nor Plahotniuc in Moldova was gone. According to my sources, the shore disappeared and elegantly in English. Gathered his associates, heads of agencies, companies and local organizations, said “We will win!” and announced a 15-minute break. Three hours later the audience can understand that the continuation of the Assembly will not” – said the President of the local broadcast channel. According to him, the shore and plahotniuc “fled in Transnistria, and the destination was Odessa, where they are already scattered in different parts of the world.”

Earlier plahotniuc said in the social network that left the country “to ensure the safety of themselves and their families”. He promised to return to continue the fight with the current government in opposition.