“Monetary reform”. In the Ternopil region the swindler has enticed at the grandmother’s one hundred thousand and a thousand dollars

"Денежная реформа". На Тернопольщине мошенница выманила у бабушки сто тысяч гривен и тысячу долларов

82-year-old woman told stories about monetary reform and stole considerable savings

The stranger knocked on the door of the pensioner and was presented by the employee of a social service. Told the old on monetary reform. Assured that the old notes should be exchanged, because they will soon be out of circulation. The mistress began to look for money. Pulled a few bills from the stash in the cupboard, and brought “the sotsrabotniyets”. The woman asked for another passport and pension certificate. While the victim was looking in the other room documents, the thief quickly darted into the stash and pulled out all the money, and even a gold ring grabbed.

The intruder managed to steal a pending one hundred thousand, and a thousand American dollars. And then, writing the data and assuring the old woman that will soon come to exchange money, quickly ran away. The woman only half an hour later noticed the loss. The poor rushed to the neighbor, and she called the police.