Money for kids he does not give me the Glory Kaminska told about life after divorce

Famous Ukrainian singer, participant of the duet “Neangely” Glory Kaminska often becomes the heroine of secular projects. The other day she told me that raising children, and divorce with Edgar Kaminsky.

Star mom often shares on her instagram page with photos with children. The actress confessed how her life has changed after divorce, and shared rules for the education of children in the program “Life of famous people” on TV channel “1+1”.

The singer said that children are the best thing that ever happened to her in life. Both pregnancies the woman spent at work. She has starred in music videos and performed at concerts. Two weeks after birth, the Glory returned to the scene. She’s happy, because raising two wonderful children of Leon and Laura, however, sometimes reproaches himself for the fact that due to the tight schedule pays son and daughter little attention.

Laura walks in and asks: “Mom, why are you sleeping?”, and my mother four days of riding in different cities, slept in the bus, and she just want to sleep in a bed that no one bothered
– shared the actress.

Glory almost nothing prohibits children, believes that everything should be in moderation. Leon, who is now five years old, using the tablet studying foreign languages. But Laura, says celebrity to imitate her. The girl even has her own microphone, but the Glory doesn’t want her to go her way.

I don’t want to be a singer. It is hard work, although all it seems that you’re not doing anything. And it is this energy, sometimes Haight so much that psyche is quite hard. By the way, Leon also said he wanted to be a singer. They both have impeccable hearing
– shared Kaminska.

The star also added that once loved to relax with friends, and now her priority is the children. Glory broke up with a plastic surgeon Edgar Kaminsky last summer, however, does not forbid him to see Leon and Laura. The actress said that children have even had time to get acquainted with the new girl Edgar, and she’s not going to interfere with their communication.

As it turned out, Kaminsky does not pay alimony to his ex-wife.

I am very sad that we somehow spelled out in legislation that all in half, but pulled myself usually all mothers. I have not filed for child support, money on my children does not. Pays for a garden. Thanks for that,
– said Slava.

Thank Kaminska in the “Life of famous people”: watch video