Money that should go into the environment, into the pockets and misused.

Деньги, которые должны идти на экологию, оседают в карманах и расходуются не по назначению, - СМИ

Environmental tax, which companies pay to maintain the environment often “blurred” and is used for other purposes, reports in his article the edition “Observer”.

So, journalists cite the example of the ecological situation in the Carpathian region. According to the data in the Ivano-Frankivsk region, local authorities spend the money from eco-tax is not intended – is about 100 million UAH annually.

“In some areas of the region under the guise of a rather General designation of “water resources protection” officials mastered about 23 million over the last 3 years.

Although local environmentalists believe that the work needed to be done and others do not there,” the newspaper writes.

And if in civilized countries the environmental tax is levied on companies that pollute the environment (most often large enterprises, metallurgy, chemical industry), and the proceeds are used for the solution of environmental problems: the construction of treatment facilities for safe disposal of waste, preservation of natural reserves, flora, fauna, landscape works and so on, in Ukraine in General these funds are not on direct environmental projects, and repair of sewers, or other utility objects.

At the same time, as reports the edition, the proceeds from the eco tax in the whole country are equal to billions of hryvnia, but the improvement of the environment can hardly be expected.

“From 1 January 2019, the rate for carbon emissions have increased 25 times, from 0.41 UAH/t to 10 UAH/t. According to preliminary estimates, total proceeds will amount to approximately 3 billion hryvnia. Another 4-5 billion the country receives from the above environmental tax”, – quotes the edition of impressive figures, indicating that these funds do not reach their goal.