Monica Bellucci commented on the divorce from Vincent Cassel

Моника Беллуччи прокомментировала развод с Венсаном Касселем

Famous Italian actress Monica Bellucci gave a candid interview with glamour. In communication with reporters the star was not spared questions about the breakup with a younger boyfriend and divorce.

Monica Bellucci was the star of the new issue of Madame Figaro. First, the network published a sexy photo of an Italian, and then presented and detailed interview with her.

Reporters the actress spoke not only about his work but also private life. In particular, the 54-year-old Monica Bellucci is not sidestepped the question about divorcing Vincent Cassel, which earned her a lot of pain. The star admitted that she decided to break up with a known womanizer.

Even though it was my decision, but when you have someone to leave, it does not mean that you don’t love him anymore. This means that no longer can continue to be together
– said Monica Bellucci.

What is known about the marriage of Bellucci and Kassel?The relations of the actors lasted for 12 years, and the pair was considered exemplary. Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel have brought up two daughters: 15-year-old Diva and a 9 year old Leonie. Suddenly, however, the Italian couple announced the divorce.

Shortly after this, Vincent Cassel began Dating model Tina Kuniaki, the youngest 31 years. At the end of August 2018, the couple married, and at the end of April they had a child. At the same time, Monica Bellucci had a long affair with 37-year-old artist Nicolas Lefevre.

And what about the gap of past relationships, Monica Bellucci playfully said: “I said we broke up, not that I was alone.”

The Monica Bellucci assured that he is not worried because of his age. This is not surprising, because the actress looks gorgeous. However, it doesn’t take that turn to the services of plastic surgeons.

Age opens other roles. Wrinkles, dark circles – it allows you to appear on the screen in the new role. I once heard a phrase that became my motto: “everyone has his reasons”. People who use the services of plastic surgeons, I’m not judging. Don’t know if I’ll ever do a facelift. Sometimes I see excellent results of such procedures and think: “Why not?”
added Monica Bellucci.