Monica Bellucci starred in skimpy outfits glamour

Моника Беллуччи снялась в откровенных нарядах для глянца

The actress unexpectedly appeared on the cover of the Kazakh edition of a famous magazine. She posed with open neckline and tights.

Famous Italian actress Monica Bellucci starred in the sexy images for the Kazakh edition of the magazine Harper’s Bazaar. The pictures appeared on the official page of the gloss in instagram.

On the cover of the 55-year-old Bellucci appeared in a black satin dress with large red roses on the shoulders. The star image complements sensual posture, slicked-down hair and red lipstick on.

Also, the actress posed lying on the couch in the black shirt and tights, the high heels and brown cloak. In addition, the Italian star has appeared in blue overalls and a velour jacket with a blatant cut in the chest area.

In an interview with gloss, Bellucci said that he supports the motion metoo and shared beauty secrets.

The actress said that she loves to do Pilates and swim in the pool. As for the freshness of the faces she uses a cream and light makeup.