Monopolies no longer exist in the electricity market have earned hundreds of suppliers

Монополии больше не существует - на рынке электроэнергии заработали сотни поставщиков

In Ukraine for the month of functioning of the retail electricity market appeared 302 of the electricity supplier

This was during a round table on the theme of “Retail market of electric energy of Ukraine: the first month of operation, challenges, problems and ways of overcoming them” said the first Deputy Chairman of parliamentary Committee on questions toplivno-a power complex, nuclear policy and nuclear safety Oleksandr Dombrovsky, the correspondent of UKRINFORM

“We were afraid to enter the retail market. But despite the challenges, we have for the month as of yesterday, there were 302 licensees – suppliers of electric energy among which we can choose. The more competition, the more it will benefit the consumer,” said Dombrowski.

Recall from 1 January in Ukraine began to operate a retail electricity market. A full-scale launch of a new model of the wholesale market is scheduled for July 2019-mu. The transition envisaged by the law “On electricity market”, adopted in 2017.

It provides for the introduction of a new model of the market includes several segments: the market of “bilateral treaties”, the market “day ahead” balancing market and ancillary services market. In the implementation of the act provides for a two-year transition period.

The document introduces the rules of the Third energy package of the EU, including in the share of companies in the areas of distribution and transmission of electricity.

As reported, on 28 December 2018 the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine closed the case against the energy holding DTEK Rinat Akhmetov. The AMC acknowledged that DTEK does not abuse a monopoly position, while its market share in electricity generation does not exceed 25%.