Monsters of black decks re-opened the hunt for people – conspiracy theorists

Sinister and mysterious events that occurred 30 years ago in Siberia, has not been investigated to the end, but continued at the beginning of the next century.

Монстры из черных колод вновь открыли охоту на людей - конспирологи

This summer, in some of the world edition there was information missing in one of the lagoons in the Maldives, a group of tourists from China. The message did not long remain at the top of the news, but some conspiracy theorists drew attention to the phrase last call one of the missing. The girl told her friend that they found a strange black box resembling a coffin. After that, the connection was broken. Russian ufologists immediately remembered the events that occurred in the summer of 1985 in the village Sokolskoe. Then the student brought to the classroom work chip black wood unusual textures, explaining that oncovirinae it from the black deck. The teacher got interested and asked the students on the weekends to take him to the place of occurrence. However, the next day the fifth grade disappeared. It was never found. After 10 years in the Komi Republic disappeared without a trace five fishermen. All the things left lying near the hole. In the ice there was no cracks or polynyas. But in early summer at the same place under water, the divers found five black decks in the form of cylinders. Inside was discovered a biological trace.

Монстры из черных колод вновь открыли охоту на людей - конспирологи

Three years later, an event took place that was trying to be quiet. Russian divers found at the bottom of the Gulf of Finland black sarcophagus. To pull him ashore, the man brought from the house of pneumothoraces, intending to make holes for slings. Then there was something resembling a horror movie. When the drill is plunged into the deck, there rose a fountain of blood, a piece of wood broke off and the diver saw distorted with anger pale face. The creature grabbed the man by the arm. The man does not remember how he got to shore. Hand as if scorched by sulfuric acid, had to be amputated. Version ufologists in connection with these events, is unambiguous. Monsters of black decks re-opened the hunt for people. Aliens from other planets or parallel worlds has been preserved for further action for the development of Land. For this they needed a human face. It is not excluded that someone will meet a DoppelgangeR of the missing Chinese tourists. Theft, will continue.

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