Moore caused Boyko to the debate

Мураев вызвал Бойко на дебаты

Moore said that offers smartly to publicly explain the reasons that keep these two political forces apart.

The first number in the electoral list of the party “Opposition bloc” Yevhen Murayev called the head of the “Opposition platform For life” Yuriy Boyko on the public debate.

About this, Moore said on Facebook, noting that he regretted the political fate Boyko.

“Boyko, I turn to you. I know what you’re afraid to shiver. No, it’s not “towers quickly” – in this case, you and the Prosecutor Lutsenko cynically put the blame on his subordinates. You are afraid of the truth. The truth about your conspiracy in Vienna, which made President Poroshenko”, – said the leader of the “opposition bloc”.

According to him, Boyko became a tool in the hands of business partners – Medvedchuk and Poroshenko.

“It is a pity that of the leader, he turned into a banal smokescreen to cover up the meanness and deception. It is a pity that with the help of the media, owned by Medvedchuk, Levochkin and Poroshenko, they were able to fool many speculating on what’s really for people dear and sacred. It is time to unmask. Perhaps Yuriy Boyko has the guts and he will try to explain their actions. To prove himself a leader, which depicts the advertising,” said Moore.

At the same time, the leader of the “opposition bloc” declared that calls the Chapter “the Opposition platform of Pro – life” debate.

“I offer the first number of the list of the political project “of the Opposition platform For life” to answer all the questions in the course of honest dialogue. I’m ready for any counter-questions. Let us finally explain publicly the reasons which keep us apart. To dot the “i” on all burning issues. People expect us honest answers. And I’m ready to debate at any time and on any channel. Including, of course, bought Medvedchuk”, – concluded Moore.

Мураев вызвал Бойко на дебаты

Мураев вызвал Бойко на дебаты