Moore is lying to Ukrainians about the world, being under sanctions of the Russian Federation, – the expert

Мураев врет украинцам о мире, находясь под санкциями РФ, - эксперт

Politician Eugene Moore is under Russian sanctions, and therefore all his promises to establish peace – this is the deception of Ukrainians. About this on his page in Facebook said political consultant Vladimir Makarov.

“Eugene Moore in a recent interview, which he gave to Dmitry Gordon talked a lot about peace initiatives and how “he and his party” will “bring long-awaited peace” in Ukraine. However, all his promises, plans and intentions – not worth a penny. He is openly lying to their voters and manipulating his desire for a speedy end to the military conflict in the Donbass. That is why Moore is focused on the Eastern electorate, which is particularly tired of war in the region”, – said Makarov.

In his opinion, however, abolsutely Murefu is not necessary, as his political power very low rates all ratings.

“They not just not pass in Parliament – the number of their supporters is so low that it casts doubt on the principle of the existence of this political Association”, – stated the expert.

He recalled that himself and Moore, and many of his odnopartiets are under sanctions of Russia and they are denied entry to the territory of the Russian Federation.

“So how is he going to make peace, if the unit will not be able to participate in any negotiations, if it be allowed? Lies and manipulation is more behind his words, nothing is hidden. They associates are making desperate attempts to break into Parliament by hook or (mostly) crook. And ready for hours to say what, in their opinion, wants to hear from the electorate. Just do not take into account that voters bewelcome did not buy. People will only vote for those, in whose hands is effective levers and ways of peace, not empty words”, – concluded Vladimir Makarov.