More 1000 euros in Ukraine increased fines for traffic violations

Больше 1000 евро: в Украине увеличились штрафы за нарушение ПДД

July 1 in the criminal code of Ukraine there is a new article 286-1, which provides for driving in a state of intoxication a fine of 17 000 to 34 000 UAH.

If earlier driving a car while intoxicated was an administrative offence, from 1 July will be a criminal offence. For drunk drivers provides very heavy fines.

Moreover, law enforcement officers will be fined, even car owners who handed over the machine to the person in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. If the driver refuses to undergo a medical examination to determine the level of alcohol in his blood, it for this, too, will be fined a substantial amount.

The penalty increases to 54 000 UAH, if the driver re-establishes in this offense.

From 1 July all drivers convicted of driving a car under the influence, would be considered convicted. Information about them will be stored in the police database, and always, even if the criminal record is extinguished.

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