More a politician than an attorney General: Sytnik commented on Lutsenko’s statement on the announcement of his suspicions – 24 Channel

Більше політик, ніж генпрокурор: Ситник прокоментував заяву Луценка про оголошення йому підозри - 24 Канал

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko assures that his office is preparing the suspected head of the National anti-corruption Bureau Artem Sytnik. The point is the alleged disclosure of intimate data on the part of anticapcha. Artem Sytnik, in turn, said that would never allow themselves to disclose state secrets.

He said this live on channel 24.

According to Lutsenko, the crux of the matter lies in the fact that one of the closed meetings, the leadership of NABOO with journalists someone from the media was recorded and then posted on the Internet what happened there.

“There was the reading voice – the examination is now established – the voice of Sytnyk materials NSRD, which is popularly referred to as “wiretapping”. Perhaps this would not be anything supernatural, but this part of the wire is telling us about the intimate life of one of the defendants in the case. According to the law the penalty for that three years,” – said Lutsenko in the air of TV channel “Direct”

According to rush, he has many times explained that the meetings with the media and in different formats. He noted that this format is widespread not only in Ukraine. However, Sytnik said: “I understand that if it not be public, I have no right to disclose even in such a narrow range state secret”. To a journalist’s question 24 he firmly stated that he had not disclosed such information.

The entry I did not include, and the origin write to me, not the investigators explained. Who made it, what evidentiary value has this entry,
the Director said NABOO.

He also noted that the evidence, when it was declassified, given immediately. “We have these materials given voluntarily without any court decision, at the request of the investigator at the end of 2017”, – said Sytnik.

To the question, does the Director of the NABU, which the meeting with the journalists we are, after all data from the mobile phones of journalists have taken as many as 17 months, Sitnic said, “This is for me generally a riddle why take such a long period, I don’t understand.”

According to him, the meeting with the journalists was, but a little. He stressed that strong investigative journalism bring a lot of discomfort the current government, and now the work is “complex”: not only against him but also against the media.

Unfortunately, Ukraine is the only European country in which the attorney General always announces something: that is the suspicion here will make a presentation… Is, alas, a huge problem for Ukraine when main lawyer of the state – more a politician than an attorney General
– said Sytnik.

He added that he could not rule out that this suspicion, and indeed will be signed on Monday: “Maybe on Monday. What will end it – we’ll see.”

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