More and more roads are constructed from bitumen with added polymers

Все больше дорог строятся из битума с добавлением полимеров

According to statistics, about 20% of highways in the USA is manufactured from bitumen with added polymers. In Europe this figure is slightly lower at 15%. However, according to analysts, the market of modified bitumen as a building material will grow annually. The demand for raw materials referred to road construction, where from year to year the use of this material.

“Yes, this is a more expensive technology, but in the long run, you can see a positive economic effect from the use of modified material, – said for ZN.UA Director of SE “Ukrdorinvest” Elena Krivoruchko. – It is achieved by increasing the service life of the coating and, consequently, reduce the cost of future maintenance events. Considering that the service life of pavement after completion of the overhaul shall be ten years, then to calculate economic impact use the indicator of net present value (NPV). This indicator is used by investors to ensure the comparability of the investment for a long period of time. With the different methods of modification of bitumen total savings can range from 9 to 25% by reducing costs for re-coating. Interestingly, these figures already include the higher costs to road construction of modified bitumen and are in fact net economic effect.”

Also E. Krivoruchko mentioned indirect benefits, including improvement in traffic safety due to more predictable properties of the road surface and much less Amravati and, of course, the reduction in transport costs of various companies and carriers, because with the improved quality of roads and the emergence of alternative routes they can more effectively optimize the transport network, consistently reducing costs.