More dangerous than Smoking: scientists call everyday habits of people that cause premature death

Опасней, чем курение: ученые назвали повседневные привычки людей, провоцирующие преждевременную смерть

The scientists said what daily habits people are able to provoke serious diseases. Writes referring to

One of these is the systematic use of sweet carbonated drinks. This habit leads to a sharp increase in the weight of the person. For example, eating one can of Cola daily, you can dial seven extra pounds over the years. In addition, the content of a large amount of sugar in these drinks cause a person diabetes. The risk of developing the disease increase by 85%. The scientists also noted that people must get enough sleep to reduce the risk of early death. We should not sleep too long. Because it may cause the development of depression, diabetes, and obesity.

Health hazard carries and a sedentary lifestyle. As the results of the studies, people who sit more than 11 hours a day have a 40% greater risk of dying prematurely over the next three years. If the constant sitting it is impossible to refuse, cease at least to cross your legs. In fact, the body negatively affects the processes of blood circulation, which can lead to varicose veins, increased blood pressure, thrombosis and other diseases.