More expensive smartphones Xiaomi

Подорожают ли смартфоны Xiaomi

Recently, the media reported that Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is planning to raise the prices of their smartphones. So we asked the project Manager of the “Mi” in Ukraine (the group of companies “Hello”) Nikita Lavrenev.

As explained by Nikita, company policy provides for the sale of high-quality innovative products at fair prices. And this principle will certainly not change.

He also noted that the manufacturer adheres to the principle of price formation with minimal margins for the company. Thus, the share of margin in the price of the products shall not exceed 5%.

“As for the rumors about the rise in price, they may Wake associated with the fact that every year technology is becoming more and more expensive. This is the situation on the market as a whole. The production cost of components rises, the price of components becomes higher. That is why expensive smart phones or other gadgets. But now for this great cost, the user gets a lot more opportunities.” – explained the Manager of the project “Mi”.

He also added that the cost of the devices will really grow. But it is not the policy of the company, and the General trend in the market, because technology is becoming more expensive.

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