More than 150 thousand dead: what has changed with the coronavirus in Ukraine (updated)

Более 150 тысяч умерших: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Deadly coronavirus continues to attack the planet, taking more than 150 thousand lives. Virologists believe that even under optimistic forecasts, the emergence of vaccine COVID-19 may not be until 2021. However, the United States has announced the successful trials of a drug to combat the disease. According to the doctor-infectiologist, Caitlin Mullen from the University of Chicago, almost all patients who took part in the study, quickly recovered.

In Ukraine, the outbreak of coronavirus suspected at the Pochaev Lavra. In addition, the disease was recorded at the Kiev theological Academy. Today during the Easter holidays in Ukraine in some regions, begins to act tightened the quarantine mode. Apostrophe” is following everything that is happening in Ukraine and the world.

08:32 tests for the presence in humans of antibodies does not indicate the presence of immunity to COVID-19. This was stated by the head of Department who, under the new diseases Maria van Kerkhove.

“”she said.

Research continues to determine, for a period of time antibodies can protect previously infected person from re-infection with the novel coronavirus.

Более 150 тысяч умерших: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

08:15 preparing for the cancelled by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the military parade on victory Day ended in a mass infection with coronavirus: a disease found in 31 cadets of the Nakhimov naval school.

The cadets arrived in Moscow for rehearsals of the parade, but the decision on its cancellation found them already in a hospital bed. The cause of the infection could be contact one of the teachers of the school of civilians in Moscow.

07:44 Coronavirus is spreading not only across regions of the country, but penetrates in a large company. In particular, COVID-19 infected with 33 staff members of “Ukrzaliznytsia”. One infected person is in serious condition. The patient connected to the ventilator. In addition, 270 of the workers are in the observation.

07:23 In Ukraine on Saturday-Sunday, 18-19 April, during the Easter services near the temples will be on duty 22 thousand police officers and national guardsmen. The police will conduct explanatory work. If this doesn’t help, then the police apply more stringent measures. This was announced by the head of national police Igor Klimenko.

06:45 France began investigating the outbreak of coronavirus on the nuclear aircraft carrier “Charles de Gaulle” and other courts. COVID-19 was confirmed at 1081 2,300 sailors. One patient remains in intensive care, another twenty were hospitalized.

Более 150 тысяч умерших: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

The commander of the aircraft carrier insists on trying to contain the spread of infection, and the sailors kept their distance. For three months the ship was masks and the possibility to test for the presence of COVID-19. At the same time, according to sailors, the first patients with signs of coronavirus noticed in March.

06:22 Texas will become the first state in the US, where since Monday, April 20, will begin to cancel the quarantine restrictions. First, open parks, and partially work retail. Also approximately 22 APR restrictions will be removed for some medical services.

At the same time, to restore the business will begin not earlier than April 27, and then only provided that it “will welcome” a group of economic and medical experts. The companies plan to open may 1.

06:00 as of this time, the total number of deaths in the world from the infection is 154 209 (the statistics in real time you can follow the link).

Более 150 тысяч умерших: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Most of the deaths recorded in the United States – 37 054 man in Italy – 22 745, Spain – 20 002 and France – 18 681 in the UK – 14 576.

Just world 2 243 512 infected, recovered 569 506 people.

The countries with the most rapid spread of the coronavirus are the USA (701 475), Spain (190 of 839), Italy (172 434), France (149 130), Germany (141 397), United Kingdom (1049 769), China (83 783) and Iran (79 494).