More than 235 thousand people fled Idlib due to the fighting in Syria – UN

Более 235 тыс. человек покинули Идлиб из-за боевых действий в Сирии - ООН

More than 235 thousand people have fled the Syrian region of Idlib due to the fighting. This is stated in the report of the UN office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs, 27 Dec.

According to the organization, among the internally displaced population of at least 140 thousand children. They began moving from the North-West Syria on 12 December due to increased levels of violence.

The UN noted that the city of Maarrat-an-Numan and the surrounding area almost does not remain civilians, as all the inhabitants fled.

According to the UN, the winter conditions worsened the dire humanitarian situation in Syria. Refugees are forced to move in the pouring rain, and at night the temperature close to frost. More than 100 thousand people who fled from Idlib last week, live in a ruined or unfinished buildings, houses and under trees in the open air.

The organization noted that the number of recent immigrants includes more than 400 thousand people, who left their homes in the period from late April to early December. During the same period, the UN recorded more than 1330 deaths among the civilian population.

24 December in the village Jubas in the East of Idlib, Russian aviation bombed a school, killing 10 people.