More than 94% of Thais do not want the return of foreign tourists in Thailand

Более 94% тайцев не хотят возвращения иностранных туристов в Таиланд

According to the poll conducted by Bangkok University and Suan Dusit, most people in Thailand are concerned about the likelihood of a new wave of coronavirus infection.

People believe that it is quite possible and may be followed by a second national quarantine.

In this regard, more than 94% of Thais do not want the return of foreign tourists to Thailand in the near future and do not offer to let foreigners into the country. The Thai people are afraid that foreigners may become disseminators of the disease and the cause of the second wave of the pandemic.

In the poll, which was conducted online from 14 to 18 July, was attended 1,459 people from all over the country.

In response to a request to suggest ways to prevent a new wave of the pandemic, respondents advanced the following options:

94,51% – not to let foreigners in Thailand;

86,41% – the process of screening and quarantine of people arriving from abroad, need to be more strict;

83,80% – people have to wear face masks on the street and wash your hands often;

81,40% of the population should receive correct and clear information about the virus;

76,73% – people should get free testing for Covid-19.

On the question of what the government should do to ease the anxiety of people about the coronavirus, were offered the following options:

47,38% – the process of screening and quarantine should be more strict without exceptions for “privileged” people;

33,43% – prevent foreigners from entering Thailand;

23,20% – the government should quickly solve the problems related to the coronavirus that can affect people.

The government