More than half of the newest drugs are no better than existing

Более половины новейших лекарств ничуть не лучше уже существующих

The study showed that often pharmacists are more cunning, when tout new drugs. The latest tablet is exactly the same as has long been used in reducing risk of premature death, combat the symptoms of the disease or improve the quality of life.

More than half of entering the market, new drugs are no better than existing ones, the study showed. The authors evaluated the effectiveness of 200 medicines which has been published in German pharmaceutical market in the period from 2011 to 2017. Most of these drugs have also been approved for use in other European countries. Only a quarter of new drugs brought tangible benefits compared to existing similar drugs. Such benefits include reduced risk of premature death, reduction of symptoms and improved quality of life.

125 pharmaceuticals or 58% did not have detected any advantages over existing drugs. In other words, most of the new drugs is just a modified version of the old, which are no more effective. Note that before the release of the drug on the market in the European Union it goes through a thorough system of checking the effectiveness and licensing the European medicines Agency.

This Agency estimated the drug due to the information gathered from laboratory tests and clinical studies. If use of the medication outweighs the harm, then the Agency recommends the drug for approval by the European Commission. And from there can go ahead for the release of the drug in 27 European markets as well as in Iceland and Norway.