Morning with inter: lunch with a giraffe, 5G in Ukraine, $ 140 million for Malevich’s Black square

Утро с Интером: обед с жирафом, 5G в Украине, 140 млн. долларов за Черный квадрат Малевича

We are so overfed with information that sometimes do not have time to catch, to see something important, funny, or simply interesting for General development. A few scenes in the Morning with inter, which is worth a look.

Is it safe to swim and what the rules of the beach season? The summer heat of crowded beaches! And no matter what the quarantine continues, and the beach season hasn’t officially opened. The sea in Odessa, near the Dnieper river in Kiev, people have so many that it seems like about isolation mode, vacationers even heard of. The journalists found, will be allowed to swim this year? And how about the mask mode on the beach?

Returns to Ukraine the technical inspection of private cars! When he could start and who is at risk? And yet – can your car pass this tehkontrol?

How do PCR tests at home? “Mobile brigade” is a new phrase appeared in the active use of the Ukrainians a few months ago. By order of the Ministry, such formation is established at each Central hospital. For what they are and how they work – in an exclusive interview, the medic one of these teams in luck.

$ 140 million for “Black square”! The legendary picture of our countryman, revolutionary artist Kazimir Malevich, experts believe one of the most expensive in the world. At the same time, how many “Black square” – and he turned this week 95 years – so much debate around it: it’s actually a masterpiece or a provocation? About the picture, shrouded in many mysteries, – we will tell in next story.

To Conquer Africa? Easy! Two Ukrainians on the car, which they affectionately called “Murzik”, did it. The travellers drove along the ocean about 50 thousand kilometers and visited 34 countries. Tried the local food, talked with people – and all their adventures told reporters.

Protection from the influence of mobile communication 5G. In the network there are more ads, the authors of which sell ustroystva. are supposed to protect from radiation new technology. After all, the new generation of communication – the invisible killer, besides spreading the coronavirus! So the advocates of conspiracy theories. Who such statements are called fake and advised not to trust the claims of the conspiracy theorists. What are they saying Ukrainian specialists? And when 5G will come to Ukraine?

And the Czechs offer to lunch with the giraffes! Or Breakfast in the company of meerkats! An unusual and highly original entertainment offers its visitors one of the zoos in the Czech Republic. Thus, the administration of the zoo trying to catch up due to quarantine funds. How is the table from the animals? Let’s see.

On holidays abroad. Because of the quarantine, many have decided that this year any travel to other countries you don’t even have to plan. But on the eve of summer, the opening of borders said several tourist destinations. It is true that every act certain restrictions. “Morning” begins the cycle of stories about the countries and what rules will be “vacation Season” 2020 And today we are going to colorful and unique Georgia.