Moscow and Kiev were transferred to the stage of the Russian-Georgian relations 2007

Москва и Киев переходят в стадию российско-грузинских отношений 2007 года

Kyiv is doing everything possible to involve Moscow in their internal processes, while Russia is increasingly moving away from Ukraine.

This was during a press conference, said Deputy Dean of the faculty of world economy and world politics HSE Andrew Suzdaltsev, the correspondent “Politnavigator”.

“All attempts just to draw Russia (in the Ukrainian election process – ed.) is increasing. 25 November is the Kerch, then the situation with the observers (the ban on the admission to elections of representatives of Russia – ed.) that is clearly expected us reaction, Medvedchuk is actually, really was taken hostage. We now have to react, they are rushing, looking for the option that Russia reacted. Today, even passed a law (the policy of the EU and NATO – ed.) is a request Poroshenko to the West that he is the right man for them. Violent reaction of Russia was programmed in this campaign, but it is not.

This is a very serious point – how we should be? Now we say that the formal reason not to recognize the elections as they presented to us with these observers. In Russian society, and in power there are large discrepancies, a big discussion about it – to admit or not. Moreover, we understand that the elections are “not ours” – no matter who was elected, any role in relations with Ukraine will not do. Should we continue to repeat the bad experience of the presidency Poroshenko?” the expert stated.

“We are now in a very strange position, we are virtually isolated from Ukraine. That is, we are now in the stage of Georgian-Russian relations in 2007, when Russia just went to Georgia. Here we are the bad times, we will not be present. Let me remind you, happened then the crackdown by the military demonstrations on November 7 in Tbilisi, the terrible pressure of the opposition, and when Saakashvili said that Russia did everything that was laughing Georgians that there is no Russia. In General, we are now approximately at this stage included,” – said Suzdaltsev.

At the same time, the expert acknowledged that to completely disengage from Ukraine will not succeed, at least for geographical reasons.

“This election is not only in Ukraine, this election for us. The election of our future strategy for this country, how we can live with it. Because we are neighbors and do not devesa”, – he said.