Moscow doctor Andrei Tyazhelnikov warned about the dangers of ice cream in the heat

Московский врач Андрей Тяжельников предупредил об опасности мороженого в жару

The doctor recommends to eat the ice cream in the heat is to the body it only becomes an additional stress.

Chief freelance specialist of the Department of health on primary health care of adult population Andrew Tyazhelnikov told about the dangers of eating ice cream in hot summer weather. He noted that although the ice cream and appears to be one of the most desired products in the heat, is it in a stuffy hot air just don’t need this adversely affects the body.

Ice cream, for example, may contain high content of sugar, fat and flavorings – these components in hot conditions has a particularly negative effect on the General human condition.

According to Tyazhelnikova, ice cream in the heat is most often sold out of the desire to cool off. Eat it many people who are trying to the point of melting. In such circumstances, it may be a sharp cooling of the upper respiratory tract and cause additional stress response of the body. The result is often the development of the common cold, an expert has warned

“Compounding the situation is the sharp drop in temperature: the body is warmed by the heat, and the food that falls inside – cold, that becomes a stress to the body,” said Andrew Tyazhelnikov.

Those who do not want to give up ice cream, the doctor advises to eat it in a certain manner – slowly, in small pieces. Before you take your first bite, the ice cream is useful to give a slightly melted, said the expert.

Also, said Tyazhelnikov, you shouldn’t use heat much cold drinks – better to drink slightly cool water in small SIPS.