Moscow will spend 2 billion rubles on facial recognition system

Москва потратит еще 2 млрд рублей на систему распознавания лиц

The company “E-Moscow”, which belongs to the Moscow government, announced a tender for equipment supply to system “processing the video” transport nearly two billion rubles. About it reports “Kommersant”.

For the procurement Moscow ordered more than 450 servers and a storage capacity of about half a petabyte. Previously, the government has already purchased equipment for the “video Analytics” 1.2 billion rubles.

Experts believe that the system mounts the camera in public transport, the metro and at the traffic lights, and the authorities will be able to recognize not only the faces of the passengers and drivers, but their “suspicious behaviour”, as well as to predict traffic flows.

The facial recognition earned in Moscow in 2017. Last spring, the Russian interior Ministry has promised that it will connect all 175 thousand city fans (in doorways, in courtyards and on the streets). Access to the cameras, in addition to law enforcement, given the Federal service of bailiffs.

A resident of Moscow, a civil activist Alena Popova appealed to the court demanding to ban facial recognition urban surveillance systems. Popova believes that the actions of the Moscow government is illegal, because the information, allowing to establish the identity of a citizen, refer to biometric data. In addition, the authorities violated articles of the Russian Constitution guaranteeing the right to privacy. The court rejected the claim Popova.