Most countries are still waiting for the peak of the pandemic: what has changed with the coronavirus in Ukraine (updated)

Большинство стран еще ждет пик пандемии: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Deadly coronavirus COVID-19, which appeared in China in December 2019 and has quickly spread around the world, continues to claim thousands of lives. Most countries have yet to pass the peak stages according to the number of infected. The world health organization said on disturbing trends in Africa, Central and South America and Eastern Europe. Most countries are still in the early stages of the epidemic.

Meanwhile, in the world consider the introduction of “immune passports”. Setdocument can be a window into a normal life for people who are not infected COVID-19, or those who have overcome the virus. Holders of such passports will be allowed to work in airlines, services and travel during a pandemic.

In Ukraine the number of infected has exceeded 7 000. A sharp jump in statistics is directly linked to the failure to quarantine many people in the palm Sunday and Easter. Infrastructure Minister Vladislav Crickley said that public transport in the country can earn from the second half of may. “Apostrophe” is following everything that is happening in Ukraine and the world.

11:30 Bonus to physicians who treat patients with coronavirus, will be paid together with the salary for April. We are talking about physicians working in hospitals, ambulances and mobile teams, go to the testing.

11:17 In Ukraine plan to introduce mass testing for COVID-19, announced the chief sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko. Will be introduced ELISA test, which indicates the presence of immunity to the disease.

“”he said.

Ukraine is the fifth country in the world where going to use this method. However, currently such tests are only being tested.

10:58 In the near future will be submitted to the plan for a phased withdrawal of Ukraine from the quarantine – opening to visit parks and the beginning of work of the enterprises of sphere of services. This was stated by Minister of healthcare Maxim Stepanov. Developed five stages. The main criterion – a significant reduction in the number of cases.

10:40 recent statistics in Russia. Nearly 6 000 new cases per day.

Большинство стран еще ждет пик пандемии: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

10:27 In mainland China for the day was 6 new cases, two people have arrived from abroad, four in the country. A day in the country recorded no fatalities associated with the coronavirus.

10:01 In Venezuela began food riots caused by shortages of gasoline and food. During the protests one person was killed.

Большинство стран еще ждет пик пандемии: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Большинство стран еще ждет пик пандемии: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

The lack of gasoline, high food prices and the rise of the dollar are among the major problems faced by Venezuelans in the midst of a pandemic of mers.

09:41 as of April 24, the APU was 51 cases COVID-19. Of these, 15 recovered and 2 fatalities. On the isolation (including isolation) – 342 people.

For the past day registered 5 new cases. 4 patients are in health care, 1 treated at home under the supervision of physicians.

09:30 today in Ukraine, 7647 cases of infection with coronavirus. Died 193. For the day +477 new cases.

Большинство стран еще ждет пик пандемии: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

09:13 In Uzhgorod +17 patients in recent days. Three doctors from the hospital, district hospital and cardiology. Just in Uzhgorod already 100 patients COVID-19.

08:53 South Korea for the first time in 40 days reported no deaths from the coronavirus in the past day. Also the 4th consecutive day, the state reports the number of new infections, expressed in a single number. For the last day of such cases detected 6.

Only in South Korea 10 708 infected, of which only 240 people died. Recovered 8 501 people. Active patients today, 1 967.

08:43 In the Czech Republic canceled a nationwide quarantine that was imposed in mid-March. April 24 people can again freely move in the Czech Republic and to travel abroad (assuming a two-week quarantine upon return). Allowed to gather in groups of 10 people. April 27 will open shops with an area less than 2500 meters, also located in shopping malls. Opens fitness centers and zoos. Will resume teaching in universities.

08:20 American physicians warned that the pandemic could lead the U.S. to the outbreak of sexually transmitted diseases and increase the number of HIV infection due to the fact that medical resources are directed at combating CODVID-19. Some hospitals reduce the number of patients on the record, some of them stopped taking patients in the queue.

08:15 U.S. Strategic forces was transferred to the state of emergency in connection with the pandemic. Soldiers serving launchers of ICBMs were divided into teams “blue” and “silver” that are completely isolated from each other. Now each team is on duty on KP for 14 hours in order to reduce the probability of spreading COVID-19.

Большинство стран еще ждет пик пандемии: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

At this point in the us strategic deterrent force has not yet identified a single case of coronavirus.

07:57 the Russian authorities withhold information about the disease COVID-19 in the military stationed in annexed Crimea and ORDO. There is an acute shortage of medical staff to accompany patients.

07:34 Ukrainian scientist-biochemist Sergey Komisarenko believes that the pandemic of mers after the peak in the West will begin to spread in India, Africa, will affect Indonesia and Nigeria:


07:11 In the occupied Lugansk began the hospitalized drivers, and emergency physicians with podtverjdenie diagnoses COVID-19. Most of carriages of “fast” is in the fleet. The locals have started on the public “thanks” to Russia for their salvation and help.

06:50 High temperature and humidity, and direct sunlight rapidly destroys the new coronavirus in the air and on different surfaces. This was stated by acting Deputy Minister of homeland security for science and technology William Bryan, presenting in the White house the results of a study conducted by the Ministry. According to the study of coronavirus dies when exposed to direct sunlight, a temperature of 21 to 24 degrees Celsius and humidity 80%.

06:00 as of this time, the total number of deaths in the world from the infection is 190 788 people (statistics in real time you can follow the link).

Большинство стран еще ждет пик пандемии: как меняется ситуация с коронавирусом в Украине и мире (обновляется)

Most of the deaths recorded in the United States – 49 877 people, in Italy – 25 of 549 people in Spain, 22 157, France – 21 889 and the UK – 18 791. In China in General – 4 636, for the last 6 days, no change.

Just world 2 708 470 infected.

The countries with the most rapid spread of the coronavirus are the USA (868 965), Spain (213 024), Italy (189 973), France (159 460), Germany (153 129) United Kingdom (139 of 246) and Turkey (101 709).