Most digital candidate. “Will” put forward Derevyanko for the presidency

Наиболее цифровой кандидат. ''Воля'' выдвинула Деревянко в президенты

A moratorium on business inspections before the holding of liberal tax reforms, customs clearance cars for 10%, the right to protection by firearms, 50% of women – the power, the orientation of the digital economy and the IT sector, the transfer of all public registers on the system, the blockchain, the return had gone to work, free Internet throughout Ukraine with the preservation of the environment and protection of animals – with such ideas and the XVI extraordinary Congress of the party “freedom” nominated Yury Derevyanko, a candidate for President of Ukraine, – reports a press-political force service. The event was attended by 1,100 people from all over Ukraine.

Voting took place using electronic systems. Before it appeared on the scene the hologram of Yuri Derevyanko, who said: “I had Steve jobs, who told me, You gotta go, go in every smartphone, to like and you all win. Give people a digital state! Let people live freely!”.

“We need to give people new opportunities to use digital technology to go to every smartphone, to break the monopoly of television to unite, to win. And then together we will be able to put the country on feet”, – says the candidate.

Derevianko is the Presidency with a clear action plan on how to destroy the current oligarchic system: to take from the oligarchs have a monopoly on the economy, the media, the formation of government policy, and give people NEW OPPORTUNITIES.

He stated that he has an economic program economy, a strategy for victory in the war and the return of the territories, as well as a clear mechanism of control of power by the people.

The program of Yuri Derevyanko in the economy includes:

1. The elimination of artificial monopolies and public control over natural monopolies.

2. A new liberal tax system:

– the reduction of VAT from 20% to 15%;

– all payroll taxes – not more than 20%. This means that personal income tax: from 18% to 10%, and ERU: 22% is reduced to 17 (General pension Fund) + 5% into a personal pension account (in this case a single social contribution shall not exceed the amount of the average pension);

– 3-4 times to reduce the number of permits and the number of civil servants;

– a moratorium on inspections of small and medium business prior to the adoption of liberal tax legislation

– 10% – the only rule customs clearance for all cars,

– legalization of all business activities, including treatment in the cryptocurrency market with a zero rate of profit tax for 10 years (the bill Yuriy Derevyanko has already registered).

“It will create a better tax and investment climate. As a consequence, decent wages, and the opportunity to live here in the country, and will also enable our workers to come back available to buy a car and live here in Ukraine”, – said the candidate in Presidents of Ukraine.

Yuriy Derevianko presented during the Congress a Strategy for victory in the war, which provides:

1. The strong economy.

2. Efficient army of “Not less than 5% of GDP should be directed to a professional army according to NATO standards. We must also have a reserve army of men 18-55 years of age, who annually undergo two week training, and if necessary were ready to defend their land, along with a professional army,” – said Derevianko.

3. “We need to develop a comprehensive action plan with the participation of international partners providing for simultaneous implementation of a police, military missions and funding the reconstruction of destroyed Ukrainian territories under the control of a common civic mission. In 3-5 years, the implementation of such a plan – the holding of free elections in the liberated from the occupation of territories,” – says the candidate.

Especially Derevianko stressed the need for Ukrainians the right to protection of his life, yourself, your family, and property with firearms.

Derevyanko said that to break the monopoly of the oligarchic clans possible with the help of the mechanism of formation and control of power through elements of direct democracy. “The electoral system should be based on open party lists with a ban on television and maroon political advertising, cancellation of a mazhoritarka,” said Derevianko. He stressed the need to adopt a law on impeachment of the President have long been registered in Parliament, and also to give people the right to RECALL any official.

Derevianko has a plan to restore justice in the courts. “Any judge automatically dismissed if twice a year the ECHR cancels his decision.

Yuriy Derevyanko and the party “WILL” offer to create new opportunities for women who see themselves in power and in public office. “50% of women will at all levels of government. And the party “WILL” already this principle professes in his work”, – he stressed.

Yuri Derev’yanko is convinced that the state should not be “sacred deity”, and service.

“The state service starts with digital state when there is a free high quality Internet in every corner of Ukraine. People will be able to receive any services through your smartphone or computer without queues, corruption and humiliation on the part of officials through its electronic office,” said Derevianko.

It also proposes to introduce a system of environmental monitoring. “Safe ecological environment is human health. To protect the environment – we owe it to our children”, – said the candidate for President.

In addition Derevyanko said that he always defended and will defend the humane treatment of animals. “We defended – and will be protecting them from abuse. Very often our four-legged friends are actually members of our families,” – said the politician.

“Our network of like-minded people is a powerful army against the old system and the oligarchs in these elections. This can only be done through it technology. Smartphone – that’s our weapon here is our network of people who are able to affect the change of power in the country,” urged Yuri Derevyanko “Derevyanko.

“Out all together, not separately and by itself! Select all and together – turned Derevyanko for the Ukrainians.