Most importantly for the night: crash scandal MARUV and the Oscars

Главное за ночь: авиакатастрофа, скандал с MARUV и вручение «Оскара»

Militants shelled two villages in the Donbas

During the day, 24 February, Russian occupation troops in the Donbass 16 times opened fire on positions of our troops.

While artillery caliber of 122 mm and mortars of calibers of 120 mm and 82 mm used 17 times and spent 285 shells and mines. it is reported by the operation headquarters of the United forces page on the social network Facebook.

As a result of shelling, one soldier of the United forces was killed and two were injured.

The plane with passengers crashed in Spain

One of the passenger planes in Spain, crashed near Madrid, killing people.

This is reported by local media. “Emergency services of Castilla y Leon said that both victims were passengers of the plane. Information about the pilot yet. About an hour before the plane took off from the local airfield,” the report said. Moreover, according to journalists, rescue workers of the tragedy warned the man who saw the plane falling from the sky.

Elections in Moldova: who took the lead and how it relates to Putin

The Central election Commission of Moldova announced the preliminary results of the parliamentary elections in the country.

After processing 8% of protocols from polling stations in Moldova, the leader of the Party of socialists with an index of more than 30%, the Democrats – only a few-tenths less. Quite often these change the party leadership. Block ACUM scored over 19% of the vote, and the party “shore” – at 11%.

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin in these elections, actively supported the party of socialists and their leader Igor Dodon.

MARUV exploded emotional speech about Russia and the Eurovision song contest

MARUV talked about all the requirements for participation in Eurovision-2019 from Ukraine and is not only refused to play in Russia.

“I am a Ukrainian, I love my country and am proud that I will represent Ukraine in tel Aviv at the international contest “Eurovision – 2019″ despite the fact that the day I received offers from three different countries to represent them. But my answer is categorical – I am speaking from the Ukraine and nothing else!” stressed MARUV.

But it is not everything that needs to NTU, without giving in return, according to the singer, almost anything.

Oscar-2019: known list of all the winners

Best picture: “the Green book”.

Best actress: Olivia Colman for “Favourite”

Best actor: Rami Malek for “Bohemian Rhapsody.”

Best Director: Alfonso cuarón for the film “Roma”.

Best supporting actor: Maharal Ali, the film “Green book”.

Best supporting actress: Regina king, “If Beale street could talk”.

Best original screenplay: “the Green book”.

Главное за ночь: авиакатастрофа, скандал с MARUV и вручение «Оскара»

Главное за ночь: авиакатастрофа, скандал с MARUV и вручение «Оскара»