Most importantly for the night: Putin’s troops on Ukraine’s border and the “freezing” of Eurovision

Главное за ночь: путинские войска на границе Украины и «заморозка» Евровидения

Putin furious: by the FSB could not break the priest PCU and released

Occupants in the annexed Crimea released the detainee on March 3, the Archbishop of Simferopol and Crimea of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine of Rome. This was announced by the lawyer Nikolay Polozov, post a photo with the Archbishop.

According to the lawyer, the Russian security forces released the Clement without a Protocol and charges. Note, the Ukrainians are very pleased is the news.

The tornado killed 22 people: the infernal element caught on camera

At least 22 people were killed due to a tornado, according to policies happened in the U.S. state of Alabama.

A tornado has destroyed homes, broken power lines and with roots pulled out trees.

Still the search continues for the missing people. Medical center of East Alabama hosted more than 40 victims. The Sheriff noted that the number of fatalities may yet grow, because some people are still missing.

The organizers of the “frozen” song contest in Israel: the first details of the scandal

Around the song contest “Eurovision-2019” broke out, a new scandal associated with the sale of tickets.

“The organizers of Eurovision in Israel has frozen the ticket from? for cronyism. It was found that the best places are already occupied. Gave them local celebrities, but ordinary fans of the contest made it impossible to choose a good place”, – stated in the message of the media.

Announced the final results of the elections in Moldova: got Putin

In new Parliament of Moldova, the elections which took place on February 24, passed four parties, while the nominal winner was the socialist Party, which was voted the most izbiratelya it reported on March 3, the Central election Commission of the country after processing 100% of ballots.

The party of socialists of Moldova (psrm) at the national level obtained 18 mandates, political bloc ACUM – 14 mandates, the Democratic party of Moldova (PDM) 13, the party of “shore” – 5.

Note that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in these elections, actively supported the party of socialists and their leader Igor Dodon. For this, the CEC even issued them a warning.

Putin pulls troops to the border with Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin pulls troops to the border to intimidate the Ukrainians before the presidential election. About it in interview to journalists told the veteran of foreign intelligence service of Ukraine the General-the Lieutenant Vasily Bogdan.

However, according to Vasily Bogdan, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin clearly bluffing, because he soberly assess the real potential of the APU.