Most importantly for the night: revenge of the Moscow Patriarchate, the new epidemic and the trouble with the “wolves” of Putin

Главное за ночь: месть Московского патриархата, новая эпидемия и беда с "волками" Путина

Inadequate accept the grinder from a car in the center of Kiev: “ended in tragedy”

In Kiev, at the intersection of Prospekt Pobedy and ulitsa Saksaganskogo faced five cars in the evening, January 31.

From the collision the female driver of the Mazda was stuck in the car so hard that rescuers had to use special equipment to free the woman. However, to save her failed, the woman died on the way to the hospital.

The behavior of the driver of the Audi was not appropriate. Assuming he was under the influence of some substance.

A supermarket in Kiev broke out the “blue flame”: “there are people Inside them do not display”

In one of the districts of Kiev broke out a powerful fire that engulfed part of the store with customers inside.

“On the Avenue Vasiliya Porika, with the back side (where taking the goods), burning supermarket Silpo. Fortunately, the fire was liquidated”, – report of the Metropolitan media.

“By the way, the store people to no conclusion. They probably didn’t even know that the building fire”, – underlined in the message.

The priest of the UOC-MP takes revenge on the Ukrainians for the transition to the DNC: “the Church…”

The priest of the UOC-MP is trying to take revenge on the community that went to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine with the Radoshivka village of Shumsky district in Ternopil region. He does not give the keys of the temple and the founding documents.

The community took the decision of accession to the Orthodox Church of Ukraine on January 16. Archbishop of Ternopil and Kremenets Nestor on January 21 granted the petition. But the priest of the UOC-MP the will of the community is not going to perform.

The trouble happened to the lair of Putin’s “wolves”: smoke in the city, video

In Moscow in club Sexton, owned by Moto Association “Night wolves”, has been a serious fire.

The area of the fire at the school, located in the West of Moscow at Nizhniye Mnevniki, 110 house, was 50 square meters.

As a result of incident the club has burnt out almost completely. The fire affected at least one person.

Became aware of the threat that takes the lives of around the world: “more Dangerous than AIDS”

The scientists said that kidney disease has become a real epidemic that is very underrated. Problems with kidneys are observed in the 850 million people around the world, and these figures are minimal.

850 million sick people is two times more diabetics, of which there are 422 million, and 20 times more than patients with cancer and HIV/AIDS, of which there are 42 million and 37 million respectively.

A huge number of people are not even aware that kidney problems can lead to serious ailments.

Главное за ночь: месть Московского патриархата, новая эпидемия и беда с "волками" Путина

Главное за ночь: месть Московского патриархата, новая эпидемия и беда с "волками" Путина