Most importantly for the night: the attack on the cafe with the Ukrainians, the scandal with PrivatBank and the beating of the singer

Molotov cocktails hurled café in the river

Unidentified two attackers on Soborna square in the river threw in a cafe two bottles with flammable liquid.The result was a fire in a cafe where there were people.

Three people were injured.

This operational information to limit a press-service GU of the National police of Ukraine in Dnipropetrovsk region.

PrivatBank announced the reasons for the write-off of money from the card: Ukrainians in disbelief

PrivatBank has blocked the customer’s card and takes off with her money. This was written by the user with the alias Zlojnaprivat on the website “Ministry of Finance”.

In his review of PrivatBank the client wrote that the financial institution has blocked it “universal” card which for him was considered a loan. After this, the Bank continued to withdraw there interest, although the client himself, according to his statement, it can not be replenished due to blocking. To issue a new card if you believe the client, PrivatBank refused.

The famous singer was beaten in the subway: no one stood up

In the Kiev subway was attacked and beaten party KHAYAT national selection on competition “Eurovision-2019” from Ukraine.

About this singer said on his page in social network Instagram. He posted a picture of your face where you can see the cuts and bruises. Above the photo was written in the English language “Haters, I love you.”

It is known that the incident occurred in the subway, when the singer after the interview went to an acoustic concert with his friend. In the subway car, they were approached by a few guys.

Train at full speed crashed into the river: people died

As a result of the derailment of a freight train killed three people. The incident happened in Canada in the province of British Columbia.

The victims were the engineer, conductors and conductor-trainee.

30 to 40 cars of grain tipped over and fell into the river.

The cause of the crash was excessive speed of train.

Unknown photo Gandzyuk published for the first time

On 4 February six months from the date of the attack on Catherine Gandzyuk and three months since the death of the Kherson activists.

In this regard, her father Victor Gandzyuk decided to publish previously unpublished photos, which show what the damage to the body was a woman.

According to Vittore of Hanjuku, photos of which he published the most dangerous. Removed them to send to foreign clinics (European and American). But the answer, says the man was always the same: “Experience in the treatment of such severe chemical burns do not have”.