Most interesting is that Apple showed in the WWDC presentation 2020

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020

Yesterday’s event Apple traditionally was held online. WWDC this year is not only blessed developers with new opportunities and hidden for the common man innovations. Without exaggeration cupertinos though and added in all of its operating systems fintifluhka, decorations, emoticons, reinforced this more serious and quality updates. Everything is in order.

iOS 14

Let’s start with the smartphones. 2020 at WWDC Apple introduced a new version of mobile OSes and the main visual innovation is the widgets. You can add them to your home screen, placing it next to the application icons. The Android, of course, music. A mini-preview of the app shown directly in the widget icon.

In iOS 14 appeared system-wide support functions “picture-in-picture”. As in macOS, open Windows can be customized to the right size or completely collapse.

Apple also introduced the “app Library”, which automatically organizes the apps in the new group, and lists. For example, to collect in one place all games for the Apple Arcade.

Siri “became 20 times faster” and is displayed directly on conventional interface and can access widgets, for example, if asking about the weather. Furthermore, in addition to text, it can now send audio messages. Added 12 languages into which the text will be translated (optional) during correspondence. Voice input is supported.

Implemented an interpreter. At the start of the declared 11 languages supported: English, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, Portuguese and Russian.

In messages, you can consolidate the correspondence at the top. Added a new Emoji.

In Maps improved the detail and added a couple of new features for navigation.

In CarPlay, which is part of the iOS ecosystem, it will be possible to monitor the charge of the electric vehicle, look for the nearest route to charging stations, Parking lots and fast food outlets. With the arrival of iOS 14 iPhone can be used as the key for the car, using the special function CarKey. BMW 5 series in 2021 will be the first cars that will receive support this function. The same function should appear in iOS 13 with future updates. NFC key to the auto, you can even share via iMessage.

A new feature in the iOS App Clip 14 is a kind of preview application that can be run without prior installation. It can be used for quick tasks, such as Parking payment without registration.

IOS 14 will take place in autumn this year. Public beta will be in July.

Smartphones are the center of the eco-system, so updates for them turned out the most. But the rest of the devices become better and more convenient in everyday scenarios.

iPadOS 14

Today the operating system for tablets independent from smartphones and develop without the limitations of iOS.

Apple added a sidebar to many of the applications. For example, there can be displayed the folder tree and drop-down menus typical of desktop operating systems.

Widgets and some other features announced for iOS 14, will appear in the iPadOS. In addition, Siri and other fullscreen apps switching to smaller screen elements. Phone calls will now be displayed at the top of the screen will no longer completely block the current content. The search function also acquired more compact design and now allows you to display search bar on top of apps.

The Apple has better support for handwriting with a digital pen Apple Pencil. The function of Scribble converts the handwritten content into text that you can enter in any text field. The same possibility has appeared in Apple Notes.

Although the title sees the figure of 14, technically iPadOS less than a year. However, iPads have already begun noticeably different from the iPhone. Last year Apple added support for mice and trackpads, and also made the home screen more diversified.

watchOS 7

Watch OS update brings some major changes, including a redesign of the application Activity, which is now called Fitness and sleep tracking. For developers watchOS 7 is available today, and the open beta version Apple will release in July.

The user can set the desired start time sleep and morning Wake-up to receive reminders using a new soft mode vibration. Mode Wind Down will interact with the iPhone, delaying notifications when it is time to prepare for sleep. The new operating system has also got the support of Cycling routes on the maps and tracking new types of fitness exercise.

With the echo from iOS 14 watchOS 7 added home screen widgets and developers can create more complex interfaces. Users will have the opportunity to individualize the dials and to share the interface settings. Siri can translate texts directly on your watch without connecting to the smartphone.

In tribute to the coronavirus, now watch keep track of handwashing and may give the signal, protecting the user from excessive stress. Another watch will warn you when you have exceeded the recommended maximum use headphones. Although so far the results of research listening to audio at high volume we could not find.

For hours also you can open the car with the CarKey in a function.

macOS Big Sur

Desktop users will get Apple this year the next version of the operating system – macOS 10.16 under the name Big Sur. According to representatives of the company at WWDC 2020, this version of the desktop OS has undergone the biggest change since the advent of macOS X. Platform Big Sur, as has already been made borrows elements from Apple’s iOS, including Control Center.

A number of basic apps have received a redesign, including Mail, Photos, Notes and iWork. Apple has introduced a new search feature for Messages, including a new interface for selecting photos. The buttons on the Dock was also redesigned to look more like the iOS counterparts. At WWDC 2020, the company noted that this is intended to add uniformity to the Apple ecosystem, while maintaining the individuality of the Mac.

The company claims that the new version of Safari is 50% faster than Chrome, and can display more tabs on the screen. The updated browser has a customizable start page and the built-in function of automatic translation. Safari allows you to configure which sites will work the expansion.

The developers have received from Apple updated SwiftUI designed to simplify the creation of universal applications for supercinski ecosystem.

tvOS 14 and home

Apple TV gets update to support “picture in picture” and the Xbox gaming controller Adaptive Controller. Apple TV also works with HomeKit devices through the interface Control Center, which resembles a menu in iOS and iPadOS.

Improved support for AirPlay and now with tvOS 14 it will be possible to stream 4K video from your iPhone to your TV. The same applies to the broadcast on headphones AirPod. The latter also received the surround sound, which is implemented by a software update.

The facial recognition technology attached to all the security cameras that are compatible with HomeKit, and recognized names of people from address book can be voiced through the connected smart speaker HomePod.

Added new Control Center settings, which further simplifies the activation devices.

Their processors

Finally digress from the software news and tell you about the big event for the iron. At WWDC 2020, the company officially announced the switch from Intel to their own ARM processors called Apple silicon.

Before a bunch of proprietary CPU and OS from Apple was considered the top optimization in the smartphone market. Now the company sets the bar in the same PC. And the first chips will be Apple A12Z similar to those already used in the fresh iPad and the iPhone.

Most Apple apps are already optimized for new hardware. Microsoft and Adobe are also search engine optimization.

The transition process will take two years for which developers will have to optimize their products and developments. The first serial Apple computer on the new processor will be released before the end of this year.

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020

Самое интересное, что показала Apple на презентации WWDC 2020