“Most look at the stars”: Doctors told how to get rid of double chin

«Чаще смотрите на звезды»: Врачи рассказали, как избавиться от второго подбородка

The human face has many muscles that need to train regularly as a press or biceps.

Many people, dropping weight in the gym, paying great attention to the belly, legs and arms, but completely forget about the person. And in fact obese, sagging face can wipe out months of intense training. Doctors told how with the help of simple exercises can tighten the muscles of the face, to get rid of double chin and wrinkles.

For a slender person will need to regularly perform 7 exercises. First of all, you need to pull up the cheekbones. You have to put the index and middle fingers to the cheeks, and tighten the skin under the eyes. In this position a few times with your mouth wide open. This exercise will make a person thinner. To consolidate the success will help “fish”. In this exercise, you need to involve the cheeks inside and look up above the head. The third exercise get rid of double chin. You need to raise the face up and the lower lip several times to cover the upper lip. Lifting the eyebrow will need to capture their hands, and then try to make a surprised face (when the eyebrows are raised). In the next exercise for overall strengthening of the facial muscles you want to hide both lips inside and a few times to smile in this position. Then you just need to smile and fix the face for a few seconds. The last exercise is the most simple and known many women since ancient times: “Most look at the stars.” A crowding of the head activates almost all the muscles of the face. Doctors warn that overdoing it is not necessary, because the unprepared can hurt.