Most popular among Ukrainians of foreign currency – the US dollar and the Euro again fell markedly relative to the national currency

Самые ходовые среди украинцев иностранные валюты - доллар США и евро - еще раз заметно подешевели по отношению к гривне

In Ukraine established by the National Bank, the courses of the two most popular foreign currencies – the Euro and the dollar continue to decline against the national currency

The rate of NBU on Tuesday, July 9:

The cost of 100 € 28,71 UAH (14 cents compared to July 8);

The cost of the $ 100 is 2560.2161 UAH (-11 cents, compared to 8 July).

Exchange rate: the interbank market

Monday, July 8, on the interbank market in late trading, the dollar bought at 25,56 UAH, and sold at 25,61.

Cash Euro and the cash dollar exchange rate today in Kiev

In banks capital Euro can be sold at the rate 28,32 – 28,70 UAH and buy at 28,90 – 29,22 UAH. Dollars in the Kiev banks buy 25,40 – 25,65 UAH, and sell at the rate of 25,75 – 25,80 UAH.

Privat, exchange rates

In PrivatBank Euro can be sold for 28,50, and to purchase at the rate of 29,15 UAH. Dollar you should 25,50 UAH, and sell the American currency at 25,90 UAH.

Oschadbank: currency exchange rate for today

Oshchadbank when selling for € 28,50 give UAH, and sell the European currency 29,20 UAH. Dollars can be sold at the rate of 25.45 UAH and buy at UAH 26,00.