Most popular iPhone 11 can play with users of a cruel joke

Большая популярность iPhone 11 может сыграть с пользователями злую шутку

The successor to the iPhone Xr – iPhone 11 is likely to be less popular. Experts have predicted a very positive sales results smartphone. However, this can have negative consequences.

As writes the edition Feng, experts predict that this smartphone will repeat the achievement of its predecessor and become the best-selling smartphone in the first half of 2020.

What is the danger? However, the popularity of the iPhone 11 might play a cruel joke with his successor, which Apple is expected to release in 2020. Most likely, the company will continue to use IPS screens for iPhone 12. Because it’s cheaper. And seems quite logical.

But not for users who want to get the OLED display. Because Chinese manufacturers offer smartphones with OLED display for a more affordable price.

By the way, iPhone Xr, which the company introduced last year, is now the most popular iPhone in the world. The great advantage of this model is the most budget of all three iPhone 2018. Another interesting feature of this smartphone is the variety of colors. In addition to classic black and white, it can be purchased in blue, coral, red and yellow.

In Ukraine, iPhone Xr can be bought for 20 thousand hryvnia. With this iPhone 11 now costs 25 thousand hryvnias.

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