Most sexy photos of the “angel” Victoria’s Secret Leomi Anderson: 18+

Самые сексуальные фото "ангела" Victoria's Secret Леоми Андерсон: 18+

Recently it became known that the team of the brand Victoria’s Secret has grown to be among the seductive “angels” was joined by 26-year-old model Leomi Anderson. Like all public men, the model actively maintains his own blog on the network where it tries on seductive images.

Though the model Leomi Anderson for several years, he joined the Grand show of Victoria’s Secret, 4 April 2019, she officially became one of the “angels” of the brand. From prestigious offers hot British didn’t keep their excitement and confessed that he had fulfilled her teenage dream.

It was something unattainable, so I couldn’t even dream about it. However, all was accomplished: I am happy to announce that we are the new “angel” Victoria’s Secret! Can’t believe it! Thanks to everyone who helped to make the dream a reality
– shared Leomi Anderson.

Like all “angels” Victoria’s Secret model has a luxurious figure, which wears a provocative set. Leomi Anderson with ease tries on sexy lingerie or swimwear and refuses hot photo shoots. 24 LifeStyle journalists picked the 10 photos rousing the Brits, who have already managed to excite the network.