Mother duet ANNA MARIA lit at the parade of the invaders in Crimea

Мать дуэта ANNA MARIA засветилась на параде оккупантов в Крыму

The Duo’s mother, ANNA MARIA, who was in the scandal on the Ukrainian national selection for Eurovision-2019, Larisa opanasyuk lit on may day demonstrations in the occupied Crimea. A woman is Deputy head of the occupation “of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Crimea”.

The mother of Ukrainian singers Anna and Maria opanasyuk called for a demonstration along the so-called head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov.

Larisa opanasyuk recorded on the photo. She was holding flags with the symbols of may 1, the colors of the Russian flag.

“Lady-demonstrate in the photo – the mother of Anna Maria. The current “Deputy Prime Minister” Aksyonov. Where there are twins coming back from Ukraine? “New wave”? Well, what one people … and mom they have a rebel now”, – stated in the message of the Twitter account RoksolanaToday&the Crimea.

Same photo with Larissa opanasyuk posted on his Facebook page Aksenov himself.

What is known about the scandal with ANNA MARIA?
Duet ANNA MARIA participated in the Ukrainian National selection for Eurovision-2019. In the period of selection of the singer gave a controversial interview in which failed to clearly answer the question: “Whose Crimea?”. After that, the support Duo among the audience has drastically waned, and intensified a lot of haters. In the end, the national selection won the singer MARUV. But she is caught in a scandal, so Ukraine refused to send its representative to Eurovision-2019.

On the future of ANNA MARIA, the Duo now plans to represent Ukraine at the song contest “New wave” in Russia.

Watch the video about the scandal with the sisters opanasyuk: