“Mother-in-law “simulates”, and father-in-law died in the carriage of an emergency”, – the MP geo Leros told how “treated” the family of his friend

"Теща "симулирует", а тесть умер в карете скорой", - нардеп Гео Лерос рассказал, как "лечили" семью его друга

Geo Leros told how “treated” his family friend.

So, a woman who had contact with the infected husband and felt unwell, called an “imitator”, and her husband died in the ambulance on the way to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Leros told an emotional story that happened to a family friend.

The MP said that his friend appealed to him for help, because mom wife Oksana went to the hospital with suspected coronavirus, but the test she do refuse, saying that she was “faking” and just wants “attention daughter.” This happens in the town of Coloma.

“2 days ago, my close friend approached me for help, mom his wife is in the hospital Coloma, and no one makes her test for the coronavirus, I contributed as I could, something stirred, but it was not. And now I received this SMS”

says Leros.

Comrade wrote how the situation develops.

He says that in the hospital, where Oksana’s mother, another defendant in the history Chemnye Vladimir, said that he took a swab and sent it for analysis to another city. However, it became known that the analysis will not send, and the woman was accused that she feigns a bad feeling.

By the way, Oksana’s father died in the carriage on the way to Ivano-Frankivsk.

Leros says to get the couple could from their friends in Ivano-Frankivsk.

“When two days ago called the family doctor dad, she also said it hurts to lay down in hospital it is not necessary, the temperature is 38 not afraid, all is well, and attributed to him the pills and the hospital of the town, when we asked him to take too, even refused inspection”,

– Leros quoted the words of a friend.