MotoGP: Claudio Domenicali failure with Lorenzo there is no error, it just happened

MotoGP: Клаудио Доменикали - В неудаче с Лоренцо не было ошибок, просто так сложилось

The President of the holding Ducati Claudio Domenicali has become the object of interrogation after the presentation of the factory project Mission Winnow Ducati MotoGP in Switzerland: the reporters tried to inquire from him, all that he haven’t said in six months.

RACING.RU, 19 January 2019 – In the end, came up to Lorenzo. The first and main question to answer to which Domenicali and Ducati carefully went in June 2018, is not whether they think that made a double mistake – first, signing a contract for a fabulous sum with Lorenzo, and then putting the Mallorcan-born the door at the crucial moment of the season?

“The relationship with Lorenzo was just fantastic, at least in the first year of cooperation, – said Domenicali. But life is what it is: people meet, then diverge. We have developed a very positive relationship, but something got out of control, went according to plan. And it wasn’t anybody’s fault or miscalculation. Certainly, it was not a failure for Jorge. It just happened”.

The passion slowly subsided, and from the tone of rhetoric that took Domenicali at the end of may, at Le Mans, not a trace was left: “We, as a team, learned a lot, learned a lot, both from a technical point of view, and human. We have improved the bike, won a lot of races. Can I say something to upset or disappointed? I look disappointed? No! In any case. We have a great plan for 2019”.