MotoGP: Crutchlow has warned that it may not return the tests in Sepang

MotoGP: Кратчлоу предупредил, что может не вернуться на тестах в Сепанге

In an interview with American Superbike Planet, the British motorcycle racing LCR Honda MotoGP complained that his recovery program after the devastating accident with a complicated leg fracture in Phillip Island goes not according to plan.

RACING.RU, 20 Jan 2019 – Crutchlow told that the talus bone of the right foot literally crumbled after the motorcycle has covered your driver to a gravel – it consisted of 16 pieces! The tibia was broken in two places, the fibula in one place and also got a vertical crack.

Weeks spent in the Melbourne hospital after surgery Crutchlow calls “the blackest day of his life”: “It was a week absolutely wasted time for me. Only after 6 weeks I was allowed to load the foot. Ironically, I could ride on his bike, the elliptical, but I couldn’t walk! I would not have been able to go all 6 weeks. And then, just got up and went, no problem.”

German surgeon Matthias Russ from Melbourne did indeed jewelry operation, collecting all the bone fragments together. And Crutchlow was only required to follow the regime.

“At first I really thought: “well, broke my ankle and thigh; so I’ll fix and release as soon as possible”. 6 days after the surgery, I clearly imagined that he would return to Valencia… But nothing like this, says Crutchlow. – I’ve done everything you can imagine to get back in shape in time, but each new the said, need more time again and again… I googled a bit on “Pilon fracture” and found something: 12 months, judging by the posts and articles on the web!.. People for 12 months can’t walk. They require several operations. So I calmed down on the return. I have achieved tremendous results in terms of recovery… within the time that has passed since the accident.”

Crutchlow is already 3 months living in the US, where the ideal conditions for rehabilitation. Every day he goes to physical therapy, massages, visits the gym regularly and takes pictures. But the time to full recovery is still not enough.

Before the start of the MotoGP season 2019 two weeks is Sepang IRTA test. Crutchlow not sure I will be able to take part in them, although doing everything to return.

Grand Prix of Qatar, the first race of 2019 is scheduled for March 10.