MotoGP: Dani Pedrosa – Undersized pilots no longer interested in Honda

MotoGP: Дани Педроса - Низкорослые пилоты больше не интересуют Honda

Honda Racing Corporation is focused only on their own goals, and everything else is just a tool to achieve them. Tough? It is a Corporation, and one of the most successful in history. Who is faithful to her – to her forever. But you need to be prepared for the fact that rules sometimes change. Dani Pedrosa has faced such a turning point in 2018.

RACING.RU, 21 January 2019 – In an interview with Spanish website Marca Dani Pedrosa revealed the secret of his break with HRC. At the last moment he decided to extend relationship with Repsol Honda, but he refused. The first time, speaking about the new contract for the role of a prize-winning racer. Second, when Dani offered his services as test pilot.

May and June of 2018 were two very difficult months for Dani Pedrosa had to self – determine their future. He still occupied a high place on the short list of contenders for a place in the Repsol Honda, however, still many unknowns – who else could enter it? If Dani signed a contract immediately, he continued the work, and Jorge Lorenzo went into retirement. But Dani took the time to think things through, isn’t it time to retire. This uncertainty, coupled with the modest results of the beginning of the season, played a fatal role: with the appearance on the horizon of Lorenzo, Pedrosa’s fate is decided. However, the resignation was pained by the decision, so he’s not really upset. But the failure of Honda on the role of test driver Dani clearly struck a chord.

Marca quotes Pedrosa: “the reasons for the change of the brand – other: KTM offered me a good project, while the President of the HRC Yoshihide Nomura said that he plans to give me a similar position due to my physique, what do they need pilots, equal to Marquez and Lorenzo – that is more tall than I am. They felt that Stefan bradl for this role will be perfect”.