MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo – I Think I’ve mastered the Honda RC213V 80%

MotoGP: Хорхе Лоренцо - Думаю, что уже освоил Honda RC213V на 80%

Jorge Lorenzo and Marc Marquez first went public in overalls of the Repsol Honda of the sample in 2019: a new Dream Team Honda in MotoGP? Find out what he thinks about all this Lorenzo!

RACING.RU, 23 January 2019 – First of all, Lorenzo said that it struck him at first contact with the factory Honda RC213V in the garage: “Remarkably clear study of the most insignificant, the smallest detail of motorcycle, the quality of their production.”

“Coming at Repsol Honda – is the transition to a new level,-said Jorge Lorenzo on the factory team presentation in Madrid. – Yes, I worked with teams who had an amazing story and many Champions, but I’m sure everybody in this room wanted to become part of this team. And these colors really suit me. Such a beautiful combination with great history that is behind it, with an incredible amount of Championships won… I Think, sooner or later, I would come to join the Repsol. And lucky me, because now I have enough athlete to evaluate all opening before me possibilities.”

Defend the colors of the Repsol Honda is a privilege that requires additional responsibility. You already feel the weight of responsibility and pressure?

Jorge Lorenzo: “First of all, I feel confident. Pressure? Hmm… I’ve always said that you don’t feel pressure only young boys that are 14-15 years old come into the League, because they always have the opportunity to return home and choose another profession. It is quite another thing when have you been engaged in this business and have no other way”.

Jorge, how did you feel after surgery on your hand?

Jorge Lorenzo: “They asked me not to touch the suit, because to wear it for the cast, the sleeve had to unpick and sew a little. Well, I found myself in a situation where you could not avoid, and now can not change anything! All I can do is to make efforts to quickly recover. I try to think positively. The appearance in Sepang is now a big question: 15 days is not enough after such a trauma. But in 2019 medical technology amazing: they bonded the bone is very robust, such small needles, without making any incisions, so recovery was faster. Without the surgery, the recovery would take 7-8 months. But I think that will be on the tests in Qatar”.

And what are your impressions of the Honda RC213V, which you have tested in Valencia and Jerez? How long will it take you to master it?

Jorge Lorenzo: “it is too early to say, I was not in the best shape after a foot injury and left hand, received in Aragon and Thailand. I couldn’t go 100% the way I wanted. I think I’ve mastered it at 80% and was quite fast. The bike I really liked. He is very nimble, accelerates instantly, perfectly turning. At the same time, you know, it’s not a perfect bike in General. But the team and the factory want to make it so, and I really liked the attitude and the welcome I received at Repsol Honda”.

How do you feel about the fact that changed in the team, Dani Pedrosa?

Jorge Lorenzo: “I’m Sure for the fans and for me too, it would be better if Dani remained in the championship. For me, to be such a “replacement”, it’s weird. But since I had the chance I took it. You can’t deny the Repsol, even knowing that someone else because of this is retiring! But we are all professionals and understand that we’re all very fortunate in life to be in this team. And as this chance was ordered, that’s another question.”